Nathan Classen

Hello, i'm Nathan. I am a software engineer based in Denver, CO.

My most recent role has been that of co-creator and software engineer of Bento, an open source video transcoder built on the AWS suite.

Bento is a blazing-fast serverless video transcoding pipeline.

Bento takes advantage of the instant scale and concurrent execution of function as a service architecture to parallelize the video transcoding process. Videos are pulled into hundreds of small, quick to transcode segments and then stitched back together, resulting in lightning fast transcoding jobs.

We've made it easy for small businesses to deploy Bento to their AWS account and launch the dashboard to upload, transcode, and download all of their videos while maintaining control over their content.

other work

  • Pellow is project management software built with React/Redux and Rails on the back-end

  • Check_ An organizational tool and task managing application built with Ruby/Sinatra, PostgreSQL, and Handlebars.js

  • SimpleContact is a lightweight contact managing application built with Node.js and Express